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Business set-up

Company introduction
We designed this service with the purpose to make your business trip worth time spent. As soon as we find for your company a suitable business partner via our Business partner search we will introduce you to him/her. You will be able to start doing business the first time you fly to Ukraine! We will help you establish contacts with your potential business partners in Ukraine. We research for you the potential clients, suppliers and distributors, check for those companies viability and analyze their activity.


- We create a market entry option for you if you don’t have contacts in the market
- You will meet people from your industry and be introduced to partners that meet your requirements that have an affinity with your products
- Your business trip will be efficient and effective
- You do not have to spend time searching for market entry options

More than half of a first impression is influenced by appearance. In Ukraine the appearance of a business partner is very important, especially when at the early stages of meeting. With our service of writing presentation/ business offer our team will carefully prepare for you a professional goal-oriented presentation of your company or write a top-quality business plan.

Our staff has a deep understanding of what investors are looking for in a business plan. Our professional business planning services cover a full range of business planning needs.

Business planning
We offer business planning services including business plans which primarily consist of extensive market research, in-depth market analysis, analysis of financial projects, calculation of break-even point, and elaboration of business models and profitability. In addition to business planning services, we also offer initial consulting for your business, development of your business model, guidance towards potential investors, and networking tools with investors, business partners, and joint ventures. We also explain to you about the existing legal and business specific hurdles in the specific market segment.

Strategic planning
Within the framework of our Strategic planning through an interactive process, our strategic planning services will help your organization to discover and clarify its strengths and limitations, as well as those of its market and industry. We help to build a long-term vision, core values, organizational mission and comprehensive actions plans that will be established in order to create a competitive advantage for your company. Our strategic planning services enable our clients to interpret the organization's purpose and priorities, drive ideas to points of action, focus the company's energies on results and enhance organizational teamwork.

General services
We are ready to select and offer you appropriate options of office premises for purchase or rent (including land acquisition or rent) based on your company unique requirements. We also arrange for you how to best furnish and equip your office from basic office supplies to office equipment and furniture. If required we may conduct a tender proposal to find best opportunity on supplying you with necessary materials. This includes tender research, preparation, writing, submission, presentations and follow-up tender response requests.

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