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Living in Ukraine

Our company will provide you with an assistance to retire or spend long time in Ukraine and live better for less!

You have numerous reasons to move to Ukraine:

country has perfect geographical location - it is situated in the central part of Europe, therefore it is connected to the rest of the world, it has mild climate with overwhelming variety in choice-from seaside, along with high temperatures throughout the whole year in Odessa to the clearest and freshest air and agritourism in Carpathian mountains;

from Lviv, where you are capable of meeting the friendliest and the most amiable people in Europe and try delicious cuisine,

straightforward to student city with attractive Ukrainian women - Kharkiv, and finally Kyiv, which is genuinely the heart of Ukrainian hospitality and which provides you with an invaluable advanced way of a lifestyle in historical city with tones of essential opportunities and affordable entertainment.

Moreover, Ukraine is Europe's cheapest country to live in, third cheapest in the world. Cost of living in Ukraine is 59% lower than in United States. Rent is, on average, 79,11% lower.

Remote employees can use one of the best and cheapest mobile internet in the world. The average cost of one gigabyte of mobile data in Ukraine is $0,51. This makes Ukraine the fourth country with cheapest mobile data plan.

Specialists of our company are lawyers with extensive experience, specializing in international cooperation, immigration and commercial law.

Our Programm for moving to Ukraine includes:
- Legalization
- 24/7 Concierge service
- Insurance from Leading European company (additional expenses may occur)
- Support with rental/buying property
- Introduction travel tours
- Comprehensive lawyers support
- No any special requirements to receive admissions on the Programm.

No restrictions on entry due to COVID - 19 pandemic.

Full Cost - 2999$.

Average monthly living cost - 899$, per family - 1299$.

Feel like a King on Retirement or Just Live Better for Less!

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