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Marketing research
Doing business in Ukraine requires an understanding of the country environment, including factors influencing consumer lifestyle choices.

The staff at YesBusiness provides quantitative (in-person interviewing or telephone data collection, survey questionnaire), qualitative (focus groups, brainstorming, mini groups, expert analysis, mystery shopping), macroeconomic and industry researches across the Ukraine.

Our marketing research will show you market structure, major competitors, and client’s needs.

Our services also provide for real time of news monitoring.

We provide you with a well-founded overview about the developments in your branch so that you can make a well-judged decision about your upcoming business activities.

Marketing planning
Marketing plan is aimed to direct business managers how to move fast in the right direction. An effective marketing plan assists you to decide which customers to target and how to better market them, details how you will reach and gain new customers while keeping existing customers satisfied, and how to keep reviewing and improving your marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competitors.

Our marketing plan gives you a roadmap that can drive action and point the way.

Our marketing plan objective is to:
- Identify which customers are your best prospects and your market segment
- Profile the market segments
- Set short or long marketing targets and/or sales goals
- Specify tactical actions (product development and promotion, customer service, pricing plan etc.)
- Budgeting of marketing activity
- Define effective marketing channels
- Track results and analyze what works best
- To see company data against relative industry or market

Promotion and PR.
Our advertising program designs purchasing incentives that are aimed to increase your sales.
Our programs are executed through the use of all types of advertisements channels.
We will draw specific public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for the client.

We may organize corporate events or participate and visit exhibitions, workshops or conferences to help maintain and improve the image and identity of the client. We offer also observing social, economic, and political trends and competitors’ appearance in PR that might ultimately affect the firm, and to make recommendations to enhance the firm's image on the basis of those trends.

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