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Experts say investors interested in Ukrainian agriculture
7 March 2011
KYIV, March 7 /UKRINFORM/. In 2010 there was a large number of M&A transactions (Mergers & Acquisitions) in the field of agriculture. This trend is also typical for early 2011, Yaroslav Sverdlichenko, Law Offices of ONP partner, said during a roundtable entitled "Money for Business. Financial Instruments and their Usage," UKRINFORM reported citing LIGABusinessInform.

"Last year there was a large number of transactions in the area of agriculture, they were regular. They were even during the Christmas holidays, they are now. Despite the persistent problems with the abolition of VAT, resale, export of grain, quotation. However, the objects are interesting, they attract considerable amounts of funding. And investors are both foreigners and our companies," he said.

According to Sverdlichenko, the year of 2010 also saw transactions in retail and real estate sectors. "We are talking about the real estate that has become problematic. For example, an unfinished object because of lack of enough money, it stands idle". If low price is set, so there is always an investor who will buy this property.

In turn, Mykola Orlov, a partner with Law Offices of ONP, also pointed to agriculture in which many investors are interested this post-crisis time. However, he also mentioned metallurgy and related industries, and power industry.

"It should be noted that today many businesses are interested in an IPO and bonds, but not fully understand that this is quite an expensive process ... IPO, eurobonds, even private placement is expensive enough. This is the game for large companies. One has to grow up to that and it is necessary that the business was ready," he added.

Source: Ukrinform

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