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National company NNEGC “Enorgoatom” extended tender for the purchase of uranium hexafluoride
9 April 2010
National company NNEGC “Enorgoatom” decided to extend the tender for the purchase of uranium hexafluoride, which the company plans to buy according to further implementation of the contract as of March 2008 with American company Westinghouse about the supply from 2011 of American nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

Acording to president of the Compaby “Energoatom” Uriy Nedashkivskiy “Tender is extended to about May” in connection with requests received from potential participants.

He also added that interest in the tender showed several foreign companies, in particular, URENCO, USAC, Areva, and Russian company “Tehsnabexport”.

“Energoatom” plans to acquire natural uranium hexafluoride and enriched hexafluoride, including its production from raw materials by the supplier. In 2010 the company plans to buy 369.5 tons of hexafluoride in July and in December. During 2011-2014 the company intends to buy 519.6 of hexafluoride tons annually.

About nuclear power in Ukraine and “Energoatom”
Nuclear power occupies one of the most prominent places in the Ukrainian economy. The industry employs more than 38 thousand people. For recent years, having only 22.8% of the installed capacity, nuclear power plants during autumn and winter maximum loads generated about 53% of the country's electricity. At the same time, share of nuclear electricity generation are stable: in 1996 it was 43.8 %, in 2000 - 45.3%, in 2004 - 53,2%, in 2005 - 52,3%, in 2006 - 46,4%, in 2007 - 47,4%. Currently there are 15 operating power units at Ukrainian NPPs, including 13 units with VVER 1000, 2 units with VVER 440 new generation).

For the last years nuclear power industry in Ukraine faced fun­damental structural changes intended for improvement of NPP performance under market economic conditions. Thus, state enterprise National Nuclear Energy Generating Company ENERGOATOM (NNEGC ENERGOATOM) integrating five Ukrainian nuclear power plants was established on 17 October 1996 by Resolution № 1268 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

NNEGC ENERGOATOM is subordinate to the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine. The Ministry formulates state policy in the field, represents and promotes interests of Ukraine regard­ing nuclear power performance in the IAEA and other interna­tional organizations.

Let us remind that Ukraine remains exporter of electric power to Hungary, Slovakia, Roumania, Moldova and Belarus.

Source: http://www.atom.gov.ua/ua/index.html

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