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Sweden's Sсania to invest EUR 4 m in its own dealer center in Lviv region in Ukraine
7 October 2010
Sweden's Sсania Company, a large heavy truck and bus producer, plans to open its own dealer center to sell and service Sсania trucks and buses in Lviv region in the first quarter of 2011.

The center would be the third of the company's own dealer centers,. It already has two centers, in Dnipropetrovsk and in Kyiv.

Sсania Ukraine Director General Özcan Barmoro told the press on Tuesday that the center is being built on a land plot of 1.6 hectares.

"The decision to build another dealer center in Lviv region, not far from the orbital road, is linked to the fact that this is on the route of the main cargo haulage from Poland and other western countries, and taking into account planned road construction, cargo flows are expected to expand," he said.

Barmoro also told Interfax-Ukraine that the company plans to invest some EUR 3-4 million in the construction of the new center.

"The decision to build the center was taken for several reasons - first, the region is very important for us, as the region has the largest concentration of trucks. In addition, despite the fact that we've been represented in Lviv by Lviv Scan for over ten years, our clients demand the expansion and improvement of services," he told the agency.

Barmoro said that today the Sсania's market share in western Ukraine is very small due to servicing issues.

"We hope that the new center will allow an increase [in market share]," the company's director general said.

In addition, he said that the decision to build the center was also made because of the plunge in the prices of land plots and cost of construction in Ukraine.

He said that the company plans to start building a dealer center in Simferopol in three or five months, and EUR 3-4 million would be invested in it.

"The center is being built by our Dnipropetrovsk dealer," he said.

Scania has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 1993, and in 1998 it founded Scania Ukraine Company, with its head office in Kyiv.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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