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Throughput of Ukrainian ports up 2% in 5 months
9 July 2010
Freight flows via the ports of Ukraine in January-May increased by 2% from the same period in 2009, while exports grew by 7.4%, imports – by 143%, the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine press service reported citing the Head of State Administration of Maritime and River Transport Sergei Kryzhanovskiy, who was speaking at a meeting of the Ukrmorechflot Board. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister Oleg Bondar and Trade Union representatives, ports authorities and shipping companies.

In January transit flows were less by 28.1% as compared with last year’s January, in February the volume reduced by 23.6%, in March - by 20% in April - by 19.8% and in May the transits volume decreased by 17.1 %.

In May the volume of sugar shipped via Ukrainian ports increased by 2.36 times as much. Timber cargo surged nearly 103%, chemicals rose by 29,5%, coke - more than 17%, chemical and mineral fertilizer - by almost 15%, autos and agricultural equipment - about 18%. Handling of industrial goods in boxes, bales jumped 56% from May 2009, container / ton – by nearly 53%, containers in TEUs - by 29%. Ro-Ro terminals transshipped almost 32% more automobiles (in tons) than in last year’ May and more than 12% in units.

Source: http://www.blackseagrain.net/

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