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Ukraine sold almost 580 thsd tonnes of new crop grains on the exchange market as of July, 9 2010
13 July 2010
According to the official data of the Ministry of the Agrarian Policy, as of July 8, 2010, the trade volume with grains of the harvest 2010 on the exchange market of Ukraine totaled 579.1 thsd tonnes, including 296.15 thsd tonnes – on spot conditions, almost 283 thsd tonnes – on forward conditions.

We should notice that 100 tonnes of grains have been sold under internal contracts, 579 thsd tonnes were sold under export contracts.

The trading volumes of milling grains on the exchange market totaled 215 thsd tonnes, wheat was the only crop for the whole volume. The trading volumes of grains and leguminous plants totaled 9.88 thsd tonnes; fodder grains – over 354 thsd tonnes, including wheat – 11.5 thsd tonnes, maize – 40 thsd tonnes, barley – almost 302.72 thsd tonnes.


As of July, 9 Ukraine milled 4.019 mln tonnes of grains, including early grains and grain legumes throughout 1.651 mln ha, stated the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

In 2009 Ukraine milled 6.558 mln tonnes throughout 2.55 mln ha.

This year the average yield of early grains total 24.3 c/ha as opposed to 25.7 c/ha at the same date of the previous year.

Barley harvest totaled almost 2.651 mln tonnes throughout 1.121 mln ha, the average yield of this grain crop total 23.7 c/ha; wheat – 1.251 mln tonnes throughout 0.462 mln ha, the average yield of wheat totals 27.1 c/ha; rapeseed – 0.510 mln tonnes throughout 0.35, the average yield is 14.6 c/ha.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the forecast for grain harvest 2010 is 45-45.5 mln tonnes, as opposed to 46 mln tonnes in 2009.

Source: APK-Inform Information Agency

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