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Kyiv Post: Bohdan Batruch - Richest Expats
12 October 2010
Kyiv Post - the leading English language newspaper in Ukraine devised the richest list and checked the numbers with the expatriates - or expats - themselves.

Bohdan Batruch, 52;
$83 million;
#3 Richest.

Bohdan Batruch first came to Ukraine on business as the primary agent for setting up a banknote factory outside of Kyiv in 1992. He took a three percent cut, which he used to start a film distribution company, the first to enter the market, when Ukraine passed a copyright law in 1994.

Nowadays, Bohdan Batruch runs a film business with 400 employees. The company’s interests include B&H, which distributes films; Le Doyen Studio, a Ukrainian-language dubbing company; and Kino Palats, a cinema chain. Besides that, he sells advertising for films.

Read the full article here: Kyiv Post

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