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Expert says Ukraine achieves intended effect of EURO 2012
26 June 2012
Ukraine has already achieved the desired results from hosting EURO 2012, Oleh Ustenko, Executive Director of the International Bleyzer Foundation, said during an online conference on Monday.

"We've got new jobs, reinforced self-awareness of the nation, self-confidence, and showed them [foreigners] that we are part of the big globalized world. And I think that the psychological effect of EURO 2012 is as important as the economic one. So I would say that the desired result is achieved," the expert noted.

He said that the effect of EURO 2012 can be divided into short and long terms. In the long term, Ukraine has received new infrastructure facilities, also "we have shown representatives of foreign businesses that Ukraine - this is not the backyard of civilization, and you can come here, and here you can do, albeit with many reservations, business".

Apart from this, a short-term effect of the event has been also obtained. "A short-term effect - the inflow of currency from foreign fans, the opening of Ukraine as a possible location for future tours, this is additional revenues of our "public catering", this is profits received by our transporters. This is youth, which began to more actively speak foreign languages, so if you want, this is also the image of Ukraine," Ustenko emphasized.

However, the expert also noted that one can not expect a return of funds invested in the conduct of the football championship, in the short term. "Expecting that in the short term it will be possible to return all the money spent on direct and indirect programs related to the championship, is, at least, naive. How can one recover billions of dollars spent on large infrastructure projects, whose payback periods exceed 30 years, in a month? Millions of dollars are spent on sports infrastructure, definitively, can not be repaid so quickly,” Ustenko emphasized.

Source: Ukrinform

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