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Small- and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine note fall in tax pressure
30 November 2012
The quality and effectiveness of the tax system in Ukraine in 2012 have improved compared to 2011, and representatives of small- and medium-sized businesses have noticed a fall in tax pressure.

This is evident from the results of the second wave of the tax index, conducted by the European Business Association (EBA), a study, which monitors and assesses the ease and effectiveness of paying taxes in Ukraine, the EBA said.

A press release of the EBA says that according to the poll, which was conducted in the second and third quarters of 2012, the tax index scored 2.42 out of a top score of 5, which is better than in 2011 (1.90).

According to the report, high assessments were given by respondents to the introduction of electronic reporting forms and other mechanisms aimed at relaxing the procedure.

It's remarkable that positive opinions prevailed among representatives of small- and medium-sized businesses, the association said. According to the study, taxpayers have adapted themselves to the changes brought by the new Tax Code to a certain extent, while at first the attitude to the code was rather skeptical, the EBA said. Respondents even pointed to some progress in tax reform, for example, regarding the transfer of losses, the association said.

It was pointed out that apart from the obvious improvement of the assessment of the taxation system by representative of small- and medium-sized businesses, large companies have not noticed other improvements, and they are still complaining of close attention from taxmen, which is seen in growth in the number of checks and the increase in fiscal pressure.

"Unfortunately, the issues that continue worry business have not been settled: the imperfect legal grounds for setting advance payments, due to the ambiguous provisions of the Tax Code and the absence of the required by-laws," reads the report.

The association also said that an unfavorable legal environment is seen in Ukraine, which was caused by the quick adoption of some laws and amendments, which causes inconvenience to taxpayers.

"As for changes in the effective tax rate - the ratio between profit under financial reports and profit under tax reports - half of respondents (52%) saw no change," reads the EBA report.

Source: Interfax

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